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Carlos Ghosn, one of the best-known leaders in the automotive [industrial / industry] , has announced that he will [step / stair] down as Nissan Motor's president and CEO, effective April 1. The [huge / hugely] successful Mr Ghosn will remain with the company as chairman to [overdo / oversee] a wider group of carmakers that, [in / on] addition to Nissan, includes France's Renault and Japan's Mitsubishi Motors. Ghosn told reporters: "I'm stepping down [was / as] the CEO because it's the right [moment / momentary] and I have the right team. I think after 16 years as CEO and 18 years [taking / making] care of Nissan, I can say today that what I can bring to Nissan, I have already brought." He added: "Nissan is [profitable / profited] , financially healthy, with a clear [stratum / strategy] ."

Carlos Ghosn [joined / joint] Nissan as Chief Operating Officer (COO) in 1999, after Renault purchased a [steak / stake] in the Japanese automaker. He became president in 2000 and was [named / naming] CEO the following year. He is [debited / credited] with turning around Nissan by producing [attraction / attractive] new cars and models and cutting costs. His cost-cutting strategies [earned / learned] him the nickname "The Cost Killer". Following the turnaround of Nissan, Fortune magazine [awarded / rewarded] him Asia Businessman of the Year in 2002. A year [later / latter] , the magazine named him as one of the 10 most powerful people [in / on] business outside the USA. He became a celebrity in Japan, where his life story has been [departed / depicted] in a manga comic book.

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