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The words
Radio listeners in Bulgaria can [know / now] start listening to modern music again. For the past two months, they could only listen to music that [was / were] over 70 years old. A dispute over copyright [mean / meant] the Bulgarian National Radio (BNR) could not [play / playing] any pop music. Listeners could only listen to [classical / classically] music or folk songs that were [record / recorded] before World War II. In the European Union, copyright [disappears / disappearance] 70 years after an artist's death. BNR has now [signed / singed] a deal with the copyright organization. In the deal, BNR will pay more royalty fees. A part of these fees goes to the singer, band, composer or songwriter of a song or a [peace / piece] of music. Every time the radio plays a song, it must pay [royalties / royals] to the artist.

Something [surprising / surprised] happened [during / while] the two-month dispute over copyright and royalties. The number of listeners to BNR's shows increased [at / by] 20 per cent. After the radio station started [playing / played] only Bulgarian folk tunes, classical music and pre-war jazz, more people started [listening / listened] to the radio. It seems many listeners are more interested [on / in] listening to older music [that / than] Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. BNR is now thinking about changing [his / its] music programming. BNR boss Aleksandar Velev said there could [even / ever] be new radio stations. Mr Velev told reporters: "We will not change the profiles of the current radio shows. Instead, we will [lunch / launch] new radio stations with more types of music."

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