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   each      earlier      early      essential      excessive      including      initiative      just      measure      not      office      overwork      overworking      pressure      root      sector      session      spending      suicide      workaholic  
Japan is backing an to ease the on workers and at the same time boost consumer . The is called "Premium Friday". Japan's government said workers would be encouraged to leave work on the last Friday of month to relax and/or go shopping. Around 130 companies across Japan are participating, many major employers. Doubters are unsure whether the scheme will succeed or because of the legendary nature of Japanese workers. A spokesman told reporters: "It will take time for Premium Friday to take ."

Premium Friday was partly prompted by the of a man who was continually told to work overtime at an ad agency. A court said the suicide was "death by ". It stressed the need to address the problem of . Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe promoted the campaign by leaving the early for a meditation at 3:30 p.m. The government said it was for both the government and the private to make workers feel comfortable in leaving . However, many workers said they would have to work on Saturdays to finish their work.

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