Gap Fill - TRAPPIST-1 - Level 0


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   any      bigger      bright      caves      heat      life      light      might      nearly      not      ocean      other      planets      seven      sized      solar      them      things      very      years  
Scientists think there be life on the planets in the TRAPPIST-1 system. TRAPPIST-1 is a small sun with seven Earth- planets. NASA said three of the planets get like the Earth, so could exist. TRAPPIST-1 is 40 light- away from Earth. Its sun is not very .

NASA said you could see the TRAPPIST-1 planets if you were on of them. They would look small. They would look than our Moon. You would see on . A scientist said life can live in very hot and at the bottom of the where there is no . She said life could be on the TRAPPIST-1 .

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