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  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
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The words
Are you good at remembering [thing / things] ? Can you remember a long list of English vocabulary quickly and [easy / easily] ? If the answer to these two questions is 'no,' help may be at [hand / head] . A new study says [pretty / prettily] much anyone can have an upgraded [memorial / memory] if they train their brain. Scientists say that we can train our brain to be a "memory athlete" just [liken / like] athletes train to be champions. Neuroscientist Martin Dresler wrote in the [journal / diary] "Neuron" that [justly / just] six weeks of brain training can turn people with average memories into people with an incredible ability to remember things. Dr Dresler even [suggested / suggestion] people could train their brain to enter the World Memory Championships that are [hold / held] in March every year.

Dr Dresler compared MRI [scams / scans] of the brains of 23 of the world's top 50 memory [championship / champions] with the brains of "normal" people. He said: "We were interested [on / in] what differentiates memory champions from [normal / normally] people, like you and me." He was surprised to find [no / not] differences. This made him believe we can all become memory athletes with the [write / right] training. Dresler found that 40 days of daily 30-minute training sessions [usage / using] a memory technique called mnemonics more than [doubled / double] a person's memory capacity. Mnemonics is [an / on] ancient memory device that helps people remember things, especially in [list / lust] form. Who knows? It could help you with those words for your next vocabulary test.

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