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The words
The man who [created / creation] the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, has warned of the [dangers / dangerous] of the Internet. He described his three main [worry / worries] about how the Internet is being misused. The first problem is [flake / fake] news. He said websites and companies are creating fake news just to [make / print] money, or to try and change people's [politically / political] opinions. He said the danger is that fake news "[spread / spreads] like wildfire". The second problem [are / is] political advertising. He said adverts are used [to / in] "unethical ways" to stop voters from voting or to make them click on fake news stories. His final concern is the misuse [for / of] personal data by governments. He said people are killed in some countries because of the websites they visit.

Berners-Lee invented the web in 1989. He said that it had "lived [down / up] to [his] vision" in [much / many] ways. He said: "I imagined the web as [a / an] open platform that would allow everyone, everywhere to share information, [access / excess] opportunities and [corroborate / collaborate] across geographic and cultural boundaries." His letter outlined a five-year strategy to keep his vision [alive / life] . He said there were complex problems, and that the [solves / solutions] would not be simple. He wants to put, "a fair level of data control back in the [fingers / hands] of people". He also wants to stop governments from looking at our online data, which he said creates a "chilling [effect / affect] on free speech". And he wants to fight against fake news and misinformation. He called [on / in] all Internet users to help.

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