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A new road-safety in Japan is encouraging elderly drivers to stop driving. A funeral home company is offering a 15 per cent on its services to drivers over the of 75 who surrender their driving licence. The discount also applies to their family . The scheme is backed by the police. Drivers must hand in their licence to the police, who then provide a as that the senior is no allowed to drive. Similar schemes in Japan have included cut-price taxi , discounts on entry to public baths and noodles.

The latest strategy is a attempt to cut the number of traffic accidents involving seniors. Almost five million people over the age of 75 drive in Japan. This is the number from 10 years . There has been an increase in the number of accidents involving elderly drivers. They accounted for 13.2 per cent of fatal traffic accidents in a Japan district last year. This is up from 7.7 per cent in 2007. Some of those accidents were seniors confused the and brake pedals or put their car into .

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