Speed Reading — Blood - Level 1 — 100 wpm

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Scientists in the UK have found a way to mass produce blood. The blood is good enough to give to hospital patients. The old way of making blood in a laboratory was very slow. It was difficult to make a lot of blood and it was very expensive. The new way means scientists can make an "unlimited" amount" of blood. A researcher said: "We have [shown] a [workable] way to sustainably manufacture red cells."

Another researcher told reporters his team now needs the technology to mass produce blood. He said that would be a challenge. He said that at first, his team would produce only rare types of blood. He said these are difficult to find with usual blood donations. He said: "The first…of [our] red cell product is likely to be for patients with rare blood groups, because suitable…red blood cell donations can be difficult to [find]."

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