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provide pop have suggest say be call deem deduct meet
violate question compel be urge tackle exploit drown lose come
Convenience stores many of us with a handy place to into 24 hours a day to buy things we forgotten or didn't have time to get from other stores. They also provide part-time jobs for thousands of people. A new report from Japan that some convenience stores are not so convenient for their workers. The report, from Japan's national broadcaster NHK, overbearing and unrealistic sales quotas are imposed on many part-time workers. Labor rights experts are on store bosses to stop what they to be an exploitative practice. There are reports of workers having hundreds of dollars from their salaries and having to buy unsold stock for failing to the quotas.

An expert on Japanese labor law Professor Mitsumo Uematsu said deducting a quota's worth of unsold products from salaries labor laws. He also why so many part-timers felt to buy unsold stock, which could be "seen as forced to take on an economic burden because of pressure from stores". Professor Uematsu the headquarters of convenience store chains to this problem so that part-timers are not . One part-time worker said he was " in quotas". Another said that workers can up to 20-30% of their monthly salary. The biggest losses with quotas for unsold seasonal items like Valentines and Christmas goods and special sushi rolls.

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