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The words
A new kind of fast food is having a big [impact / compact] in Australia. It has helped to bring Australian people [apart / together] , and it has been named [was / as] the People's Choice Word of the Year 2016 by Australia's Macquarie Dictionary. It is the "halal snack pack", also [known / knowing] as an "HSP" in Australia. It is a [combine / combination] of kebab meat, potato fries and a special spicy [sauce / saucy] . Although the snack was created in Australia, it has its [leaves / roots] in the Middle East. It has become a [symbol / symbolic] of multiculturalism in Australia as more people become aware [on / of] halal food. There is [even / ever] an HSP group on Facebook that has over 180,000 members. The site is for, "sharing great snack pack stories and discussing possibly the best snack pack in the world".

The halal snack pack has created a [lot / lots] of discussion in Australia, especially after far-right [politician / politics] Pauline Hanson refused to eat one. She said halal meat was [unaccountable / unacceptable] in Australia and that "98% of Australians" were against [it / them] . However, she could not provide any evidence to [report / support] her statement. Ms Hanson's words and actions have made the HSP more [popular / popularity] . Keysar Trad, president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils, said HSP winning word of the year was fantastic. He said: "If you're [able / ability] to find it in the dictionary, it takes away the [mysterious / mystery] . It brings people comfort and satisfaction that there's nothing [minister / sinister] about the word 'halal'. It's [all / every] about what's positive, what is good and wholesome."

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