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Researchers have found who has the world's healthiest hearts. The Tsimane people live in Bolivia's Amazon region. They have almost no risk of heart disease because of their plant-based diet and levels of physical activity. They also have low blood pressure, and low levels of cholesterol and blood glucose. This equals a very strong cardiovascular system. The Tsimane avoid many diseases and conditions that kill hundreds of millions of people, like heart attack, stroke and diabetes. A study said an 80-year-old Tsimane person is the same cardiovascular age as an American in their mid-50s.

The study on the Tsimane is published in the journal 'The Lancet'. A researcher said: "Coronary [disease] could be avoided if people adopted some elements of the Tsimane lifestyle, such as keeping their cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar very low, not smoking and being physically active." He said the Tsimane live their life with very little coronary disease. He added: "While difficult to achieve in the industrialized world, we can adopt some aspects of their lifestyle to potentially forestall a condition we thought would eventually effect almost all of us."

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