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   amateur      attempt      conduct      decade      enough      great      idyllic      litter      museum      nuisance      past      peace      pleasant      real      resident      residents      thrill      tourist      village      windmills  
Being a and wandering around the sites of old villages is , but is it such a for the locals? Villagers living in the area of 'Old Holland' near Amsterdam have had of visitors and tour guides with megaphones disturbing their . They have teamed up with tour companies to create rules of for tourists. These include not photographing without asking, not going into their gardens and not dropping . The rules are an to deal with the growing popularity of the area. Tourism is booming and will rise by 50 per cent in the next .

Old Holland is and matches our image of Holland from a age. There are many and locals live in traditional wooden houses. A local told Holland's Het Parool newspaper that the of Zaanse Schans is like an open-air . He said: "One resident…opened his curtains in the morning and looked into the camera lenses of nine photographers." He added: "The visitors seem happy to knock on the wooden houses to see if it is wood. If you are the resident of that house, that is not ." Tour buses were the biggest .

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