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The words
An American airline is [in / on] trouble for the way it treated one of its passengers. A passenger on a United Airlines flight was [drugged / dragged] out of his seat and pulled out of the aircraft along the [floor / floored] of the airplane. The passenger, David Dao, was a 69-year-old doctor. Dr Dao became [unconsciously / unconscious] after security guards [pulled / pull] him out of his seat. His face was covered [in / on] blood. He lost two front teeth and the security guards also [broken / broke] his nose. The doctor paid for his seat but United Airlines [ordered / ordering] him to get off the plane because they wanted his seat for a flight [attendant / attendance] to sit down. The doctor explained he had to work the next day because he had many patients to see at his hospital. United staff didn't [listening / listen] to him.

Dr Dao is going to [sue / due] United Airlines for [damaging / damages] . Dao was born in Vietnam and escaped from the Vietnam War in 1975. His lawyer said being dragged [on / off] the United Airlines flight was a "more horrifying" [experienced / experience] than living through that war. Dr Dao's daughter said: "What [happened / happening] to my dad should have never happened to any human being….We were horrified and shocked and [sickening / sickened] to…see what happened to him." A video of Dr Dao being dragged off the flight went [viral / rival] on social media. Over 150,000 people have signed [on / an] online petition asking the United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz to resign. He said he would not [resign / resignation] . He also initially did not apologize and said Dr Dao was [at / that] fault for his injuries.

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