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A high school in Canada has come [under / above] fierce criticism on the Internet for a women's studies course it [offering / offered] to its female students. The online [backlash / whiplash] was because the course [inclusion / included] what many believed to be sexist subjects that were [fitting / unfit] and inappropriate for women in the 21st century. These included 'polite conversation,' dinner party [etiquette / epitaph] , and 'nail application skills'. There was also a subject titled: "How to [enhance / ensconce] your style by using tips and [tricksters / tricks] designed for your face and body shape." The course also had lessons on the [basics / basic] of web design, reproductive health, the role of women in history, and a look at how beauty is [looked / seen] by the media and different cultures around the world.

Among those who were [shocking / shocked] by the syllabus was actress and singer Siobhan Bryn. She wrote: "This is [unbelievably / unbelievable] sexist. Women's studies is not fashion and [putting / patting] on a lunch." She asked: "Was this designed in the 1950's? Can you get someone who [known / knows] about women's studies to design this course?" Activist Meg Fenway said: "This is [profoundly / profound] offensive and disrespectful." The school has since [pulled / pulls] the subjects from the syllabus. A spokesman said: "I know the way it comes [through / across] looks like we're supporting [stereotyping / stereotype] girls….We want to do the best [as / by] our kids. We want them to have a positive image and [erect / build] self-esteem. We want them to analyze things critically."

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