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The words
The Vice President of the USA, Mike Pence, said on Monday that US-North Korea relations have [changing / changed] . Mr Pence said the "era [off / of] strategic patience is over". Pence said that the USA has [shown / showing] great patience with North Korea for [much / many] years. It has tried talking to North Korea to get it to [send / end] its nuclear weapons testing. However, new U.S. President Donald Trump promised he would not allow North Korea to [develop / developed] nuclear weapons. Pence said: "Since 1992, the United States and [our / your] allies have stood together for a denuclearized Korean Peninsula. We [hoping / hope] to achieve this objective through [peaceable / piece] means. But all options are on the table." One of these options is to attack North Korea's missile [vases / bases] .

Mr Pence's warning to North Korea to [not / now] test the USA came the day after North Korea tested [another / other] missile. Pence said North Korea's missile testing is a [dangerous / danger] to the USA. He said North Korea would soon have missiles that can [breach / reach] America. North Korea's Vice Foreign Minister Han Song-ryol [told / tell] the BBC that his country would continue to test missiles. He said: "We'll be conducting more missile tests on a weekly, monthly and yearly [basis / bases] ." He added that an "all-out war" would happen [of / if] the US took military action against North Korea. North Korea's ambassador to [a / the] UN, Kim In-ryong, said the US was "disturbing global [piece / peace] and stability". He said the USA was using "gangster-like logic" in its [foreign / foreigner] policy.

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