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The words
China's navy is growing stronger and [strengthen / stronger] . On Wednesday, it launched its first aircraft carrier that it [built / build] completely on its own. China now has two aircraft carriers. The first one was built [at / by] Russia and came [onto / into] service in 2012. The new 50,000-ton carrier is the first to be developed and built by China. It was [launched / lunched] at a ceremony in the shipyard of the China Shipbuilding Corporation. Navy [official / officials] followed tradition and broke a bottle [of / for] champagne on the carrier's bow. Development of the [newly / new] carrier started in 2013. The shipyard started building it in late 2015. The Chinese Navy will test the new carrier [on / at] sea for the next three years. It will go into service in 2020 after all of the airplanes it needs are [ready / already] .

A spokesperson for the Chinese said he was, "[proudly / proud] of the great achievement made by the country [in / on] modernizing the national defense and military". He [subtracted / added] that the aircraft carrier would help to strengthen China's ability to protect [itself / self] . He also said China could now look [after / before] its borders and protect its shipping and trade routes. A social media user on Weibo (the Chinese Twitter) said the new carrier was, "a [symbolic / symbol] of China's technological power, industrial capability and overall strength". There are [reports / repeats] that China is planning to build at least two and [possibly / possible] up to four more carriers. The new carriers could be [that / as] big as the biggest U.S. Navy carriers. They could [weigh / weight] as much as 100,000 tons.

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