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The words
The British government has said that a [thirdly / third] of the food the world produces is wasted. It said the [high / height] level of food waste in the UK is "unacceptable". Over 7 million tons of food is wasted [on / in] the UK every year. A British [politics / politician] , Neil Parish, said: "One-third of food produced for human [consumption / contraption] is lost or wasted globally." The government said there were many [solution / solutions] to the problem of food waste. First, schools could [raise / rise] children's awareness of food waste from a young [age / old] . Secondly, supermarkets could sell vegetables that are thrown away because they are the "wrong" [shaped / shape] . Finally, "sell-by" dates, "use-by" dates and "best before" labels need to change. Perfectly good food is [throwing / thrown] away because of these labels.

Neil Parish said the fact that so [much / many] food is thrown away is both socially and environmentally unacceptable. He said: "[Social / Socially] , it is a scandal that people are [going / gone] hungry and using food banks when so much [produce / products] is being wasted." He added that: "Environmentally, it is a disaster, because [energetic / energy] and resources are wasted in production, only for the food to end [down / up] rotting in landfills where it produces methane - a [potent / important] climate-changing gas." He called on supermarkets to help [by / on] selling vegetables that have a funny shape. He said: "It’s ridiculous that [perfect / perfectly] good vegetables are wasted simply because they're a funny shape." He said these vegetables, "don’t cook or [taste / tasty] any different".

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