Gap Fill - Happiness - Level 4


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   asset      atmosphere      government      happy      many      more      nature      new      positive      positivity      productive      program      renewable      ruler      ruler      special      themselves      top      touch      way  
The UAE has opened a cafe to make its employees . The 'Happiness Cafe' is in the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development. Staff visit it to unwind and to rejuvenate . The cafe has sofas and a decor to give an of happiness and positivity. It also has a garden to add a of . One worker said the cafe helps her to smile .

The UAE government hopes the cafe will create a workplace environment, make workers more , and improve their work. The Happiness Cafe is part of a started by the of Dubai, called the National Program for Happiness and Positivity. The said happiness is, "a and sustainable ". This program highlights, "the values of and happiness as a of life". The UAE wants to be in the five happiest countries.

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