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The UAE government has opened a cafe to make its employees happy. The new 'Happiness Cafe' is in the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development. Staff are encouraged to visit the cafe to unwind and chill out so they can revitalize and rejuvenate themselves. The cafe is full of soft sofas and has a specially designed decor to provide the perfect atmosphere of happiness and positivity. It also has its own garden and fountain to add a touch of nature. One worker loved the new cafe, saying it would help her to smile more at work.

The UAE's Minister of Culture and Knowledge Development opened the cafe. He hopes it will create a positive workplace environment, let workers release their productive energy, and improve the work of the ministry. The Happiness Cafe is part of a program initiated by the ruler of Dubai, called the National Program for Happiness and Positivity. The ruler called happiness, "a renewable and sustainable asset". This program intends to establish, "the values of positivity and happiness as a way of life in the UAE". The UAE wants to be in the top five of the world's happiest countries.

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