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The words
Scientists are [working / worked] on a new pill that could help people who do [no / non] exercise. It could also increase the [perform / performance] of those who do work out and exercise. The scientists are from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in California. They are [developing / development] a pill that could produce the same [benefits / beneficiary] to the body that it gets from running. Scientists are testing the pill [of / on] mice. It could one day make people healthier. It could give them better stamina, fat [lose / loss] , a better mood, a healthier heart and a longer lifespan – all [without / within] doing any exercise. The scientists found that the pill also [helping / helped] to increase athletic performance in mice by 70 per cent. This could be [good / goodness] news for people who want to run faster and farther.

The scientists looked at [what / that] changes in the body when people exercise harder and [training / train] or work out longer. Researcher Dr Ronald Evans said: "It's well [knowing / known] that people can improve their aerobic [endearing / endurance] through training. The question for us was: How does endurance work? And…can we [replace / replacement] training with a drug?" The researchers found a chemical that could [copying / copy] the positive effects of exercise without the [needy / need] for exercising. The chemical made the body burn fat instead [than / of] sugar. Another researcher, Weiwei Fan, said burning fat instead of sugar [meaning / means] : "You can improve endurance to the same level as someone in training, without all of the [physical / physique] effort."

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