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The words
The singer Nicki Minaj has told her [million / millions] of Twitter followers she would pay university tuition fees for some of them if they can get A-grades. The 34-year-old rapper [agreeing / agreed] to donate thousands of dollars to 30 fans if they could [prove / proof] they got [straight / straightened] A's at high school. She also promised she would pay more tuition fees [on / in] the future. Ms Minaj tweeted: "Show me straight A's that I can verify with your school, and I'll pay your college fees." In an [addition / additional] tweet, she joked: "Let me make [those / them] payments tomorrow, then see if I have any money [right / left] ." Soon after she posted her tweet on Twitter, she received thousands [of / for] replies. One student asked for $6,000 to pay for his accommodation, books, [classes / classy] and food.

Minaj did not [initially / initial] plan to pay for her fans' tuition fees. She started tweeting about a [contests / contest] to fly in a fan from anywhere in the world to [joint / join] her at a music awards show in Las Vegas. A fan quickly [asked / asks] if she would pay for his college fees and things [gone / went] on from there. Nicki Minaj was [born / birth] in Trinidad and raised in New York. A New York Times editor suggested she was, "the most influential female rapper of [every / all] time". She has sold 20 million singles [worldly / worldwide] as a solo artist, and another 60 million singles as a featured or [guest / guessed] artist. One Twitter user said: "She is…one of the most compassionate, caring and generous people in all of the entertainment [industry / industrial] ."

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