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The words
The technology company Microsoft is [angry / angrily] with America's National Security Agency (NSA). Microsoft said the WannaCry ransomware cyber-attack [happening / happened] because the NSA keeps [load / lots] of cyber-weapons on its computers. Ransomware is a [type / typed] of harmful software that blocks access [of / to] a computer until the owner of the computer pays money (a ransom) [to / from] the hackers. The NSA is America's military intelligence organization. It helps [that / to] keep America's communications and information systems [safe / safety] . It is also responsible for stopping cyber-attacks [against / again] the USA. However, experts say the WannaCry ransomware used computer spying tools [originally / original] designed by the NSA.

Microsoft president Brad Smith [said / say] governments needed to wake up to the problem of [storing / store] cyber-weapons that hackers can [steel / steal] . He said it was as big a problem [has / as] someone stealing missiles from the USA. When talking about the WannaCry attack, [they / he] said: "This attack provides [yet / as] another example of why the stockpiling of these things by governments is such [a / the] problem." The European police agency Europol said WannaCry has [effected / affected] 200,000 computers in 150 countries. In the UK, WannaCry caused many problems with the work of Britain's National Health Service. Many operations were cancelled. Experts warned people to back [down / up] their files because a second wave of attacks could [go / come] .

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