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Next time you take a [fly / flight] , you just never know who might be at the [controlling / controls] . It could be a king. Holland's King Willem-Alexander has just revealed he has been [secretly / secret] flying planes for the Dutch carrier KLM for the [past / passed] 21 years, completely unbeknown [of / to] his passengers. The 50-year-old king got his military pilot's license [was / as] a member of the Royal Netherlands Air Force when he was in his twenties. He developed a [love / lover] of flying and trained to become a commercial pilot. He [revealed / revels] his secret life as a pilot in an interview with Dutch media. He flew for KLM twice a month. The king said he was now preparing to upgrade [this / his] skills. He is [back / front] on the aircraft simulator to train to fly Boeing 737s.

King Willem-Alexander told reporters that his [passionate / passion] for flying meant he could [relieve / relive] all stress while up in the skies. He explained: "You have an aircraft, [passengers / passenger] and crew. You have [responsibility / responsible] for them. You can't take your problems from the ground into the skies. You can completely disengage and concentrate [in / on] something else. That, for me, is the most [relaxing / relax] part of flying." He said it was easy to keep his anonymity while flying, and that [very / much] few passengers ever knew he was piloting their plane. He said: "I always say that I wish everyone a [heartfelt / heartache] welcome on [before / behalf] behalf of the captain and the crew. I don't have to say my own name, but [much / most] people don't listen anyway."

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