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The words
A German policewoman, Bibiana Steinhaus, will become the first female to referee in Europe's [atop / top] leagues. Germany's Bundesliga promoted Ms Steinhaus on Friday. She was a referee in the [lowered / lower] divisions of German football. She is very happy to [be / been] Germany's first top-flight female referee. She said: "For [we / us] all, it's a dream come true. I'm very much looking forward to the task that [waits / awaits] me." She also knew that people would be watching [she / her] to see how she manages in top-level men's matches. She said: "I am [aware / awareness] that I will be the first female referee in the Bundesliga and will be [close / closely] watched by the media". She added: "I'm [used / use] to pressure and am convinced I will find my feet [quick / quickly] in the Bundesliga."

Steinhaus, 38, has a lot [of / for] experience as a referee, both in Germany and [at / that] international level. She has been [refereed / refereeing] Bundesliga 2 matches since 2011. She also refereed the 2011 women’s World Cup [final / finally] and the women's gold medal match between Japan and the United States at the London Olympic games in 2012. After she was [told / telling] about her promotion, she said: "I was quite speechless. I feel disbelief, joy, happiness, relief and [curious / curiosity] . It was simply a roller-coaster ride of [emotions / emotionally] ." She added: "It has always been my [dream / dreamy] to be a Bundesliga referee. That this dream will come [true / truth] naturally fills me with joy." Steinhaus will next referee the Women’s Champions League final [on / in] June 1st.

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