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The words
The world's first robot police officer [has / had] started working. Its name is 'RoboCop' and it went [into / onto] service for the Dubai Police earlier this week. Robocop's first [officially / official] duty was to greet guests at the [opening / open] of a security conference in Dubai. Apart from greeting visitors, its job was to answer questions and [give / gave] directions. RoboCop has a built-in tablet for people to interact [on / with] . People can use the tablet [to / for] pay traffic fines and use other smart police services. The tablet is linked [to / of] a police station, so people can talk to human police officers. In addition, RoboCop can speak six [languages / language] , including English and Arabic. The 170-centimetre-tall robot can also shake hands, salute people and recognize people's [emotions / emotional] and facial expressions.

Dubai Police says RoboCop is the first [for / of] many robot police officers for the city. A spokesman said that [by / at] 2030, 25 per cent of the Dubai Police force will be robots. He said: "We are [looking / looked] to make everything smart in Dubai Police. By 2030, we will have the first smart police station which won't [require / requiring] human employees." He added: "The RoboCop is the latest smart [added / addition] to the police force and has been designed to help [us / them] fight crime, keep the city [safely / safe] and improve happiness levels." He said RoboCop will, "[assist / assistance] and help people in the [malls / mails] or on the streets". An official at the security conference commented that the future is here now, saying: "The [aged / age] of the robots is no longer coming. It has arrived."

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