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   by      by      for      for      from      from      in      in      of      of      on      on      on      on      out      to      towards      with      without  
World-renowned CEO, inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk has decided to leave his position the Trump business advisory council. This comes after he recently defended his role as advisor to U.S. President Donald Trump. His decision was prompted Trump's announcement Friday that the U.S. will pull of the Paris Agreement – the climate deal established to deal greenhouse gas emissions 2020, signed 195 countries. Mr Musk tweeted: "Climate change is real. Leaving [the] Paris [Agreement] is not good America or the world." Musk isn't the only prominent figure to walk away the advisory council. Disney CEO Bob Iger will also step down similar reasons.

President Trump has long campaigned support the coal and fossil fuel industries. He believes that leaving the Paris Agreement will loosen business restrictions and promote growth. Advocates Trump's decision believe leaving the agreement will help to revitalize the U.S. coal industry and bring back much-needed jobs and revenue a previously lucrative industry. World leaders condemned the U.S. withdrawal. France's president said: "There is no plan B climate, because there is no planet B." With or U.S. support, the world is an irreversible trend cleaner energy. Leaving the Paris Agreement may be a significant blow to the USA's global influence and leadership environmental issues.

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