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The words
Six Arab countries have cut ties [with / within] the tiny nation of Qatar. Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Libya and Yemen have all cut [relatives / relations] with Qatar because they say Qatar gives money to and supports terrorist [group / groups] . Saudi Arabia said it has cut ties to protect its [owns / own] national security. It said Qatar was home [to / too] many "terrorist and sectarian groups that aim to create [instability / unstable] in the region". The Qatar government said this was not [truth / true] and that there are no facts that [show / shown] there are terrorist groups in Qatar. It said the other Arab countries are acting [unfairly / unfair] towards Qatar. It also said that the decisions of Arab countries would, "not [affect / effect] the normal lives of citizens and residents" in Qatar.

Qatar is now [facing / faced] an uncertain and difficult future, [useless / unless] normal relations are restored. Air, land and sea links have [being / been] closed to Qatar from Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain. This will cause a lot [for / of] trouble for people living in the tiny Gulf Arab country. Most of its food [enters / entrance] by truck from Saudi Arabia and there is already a [rush / rushing] to buy food in supermarkets. Qatar Airways will also be badly affected because it has to change its [routes / roots] , so flights will take much longer. The construction of eight stadiums for the 2022 soccer World Cup could also slow [down / up] as building materials have to enter Qatar via Saudi. Citizens from Saudi, the UAE and Bahrain have been [binned / banned] from going to Qatar and have 14 days to [leaf / leave] .

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