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  • Type the correct word in the boxes from the pairs of words [in brackets].
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Sesame Workshop (the company behind the [hugely / huge] successful children's TV show Sesame Street) and IBM have teamed [up / with] to create a revolutionary new app for [kids / kid] to learn vocabulary. The joint venture has created the first vocabulary learning app [powered / powerful] by IBM's artificial intelligence software. The app discovers [in / for] itself a child's current reading level and vocabulary [ranging / range] , and then uses its algorithms to challenge the child with [appropriateness / appropriate] , new vocabulary to improve the [child's / child] skills. It personalizes the learning experience for children. As the child continues to use the app, it will [sure / ensure] he or she has learnt and understood the new words before introducing additional, [tailored / tailoring] vocabulary items.

IBM says it has just completed a [pilots / pilot] program testing the app. It collected 18,000 multiple-choice [assessments / assesses] given to kindergarteners [over / along] a two-week period. The researchers said the results were very [promised / promising] . They said the kids learned words like "arachnid," "amplify," "camouflage," and "applause," which are [typical / typically] learned at a much later age. The children could also use these words [in / on] context. Sesame Workshop CEO Jeffrey Dunn said: "We [except / expect] to develop the next generation of [tailored / tailor] learning tools….Educational technology like the platform we've created…is a [promised / promising] new channel for learning opportunities inside and outside the classroom, and we're excited to explore it [further / farther] ."

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