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The words
Scientists have [developed / developing] a drug that can copy the [affects / effects] of sunlight. The new drug [tricks / tracks] the skin into making it darker and [given / giving] us a suntan. The drug makes our body produce more of a natural pigment found [on / in] our skin called melanin. A pigment is something in our body that colours our skin. Plants also have pigments that give them [different / difference] colours. The scientists are from the Massachusetts General Hospital in the USA. They say their new drug could have [much / many] benefits for our health. The biggest benefits could be to prevent skin cancer and perhaps [ever / even] slow down how old people look. Too [much / many] sunlight and getting suntans can give us skin cancer, make our skin look old and give us many [wrangles / wrinkles] .

Scientists say the drug can [safety / safely] give people suntans because there are [no / known] damaging UV rays. When people are out [in / up] the sun, UV rays slowly burn our skin and damage [them / it] . The rays make lighter-skinned people turn red, unless those people use sunblock [nor / or] cover their skin. The drug makes the body [produce / producing] more dark melanin, which makes our skin [look / looking] tanned. Melanin is the body's natural sunblock. Researcher Dr David Fisher said the drug could help fight skin cancer - the [most / much] common type of cancer. He said the drug could make our body produce more melanin. This could protect [a / the] skin from UV radiation and cancer. He said: "Dark pigment is associated with a lower risk of all [forms / firms] of skin cancer."

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