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Australia's world-famous Great Barrier Reef has been [assessed / assigned] a monetary [value / valve] for the first time. The financial advising company Deloitte Access Economics has outlined the [worthy / worth] of one of nature's most spectacular [wonders / wonderful] . Deloitte's report puts a value of US$42.5 billion on the reef, and a worth of US$4.9 billion a year to the Australian [economic / economy] . It also supports 64,000 full-time jobs in the tourism, fishing, recreation and scientific research [industrial / industries] . This is over three times more than those [employable / employed] by Australia's national airline Qantas. The report says: "The [livelihoods / lively] and businesses the reef [supportive / supports] across Australia far exceeds the numbers supported by many industries we would [consideration / consider] too big to fail."

Deloitte says [quantifying / quantity] the World Heritage-listed reef's worth is [one / once] attempt at conserving it for [future / futures] generations. People will look after the reef better if they know how [valuation / valuable] it is. Deloitte said the reef is worth "more than 12 Sydney Opera Houses". However, the reef and its 1,700 fish species are [on / in] danger. Global warming is [bleaching / breaching] and killing the reef's coral. A [locally / local] businessman said it was "astounding" that a value was put [on/ in] the reef. He said: "Why on [planet / earth] do we need...to quantify it in terms of money? We have a social conscience to look after the Great Barrier Reef…. It's on our [doorstep / instep] and we should be looking after it." He added: "If that motivates our politicians...then that is good."

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