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The words
Starbucks has [opened / opening] a new coffee shop in Japan's ancient capital of Kyoto. It is [unlikely / unlike] any other Starbucks in the world [has / as] it has three rooms with tatami – the traditional straw matting that [is / be] used for floors in Japanese houses. There are [not / no] chairs in the tatami rooms. People sit on [flat / flats] cushions on the tatami mats. The new coffee shop is in a 100-year-old house in one of the most [history / historic] areas of Kyoto. It is located on the attractive Ninen-zaka shopping street. It is [situated / situation] between two UNESCO World Heritage-listed temples. The area is very [popularity / popular] with tourists, many of whom rent traditional Japanese kimono to go sightseeing [on / in] . The three tatami rooms are on the second floor of the house.

Starbucks has [done / doing] its best to make sure the coffee shop blends [on / in] with its traditional surroundings. There are no neon [sign / signs] and no big, green Starbucks names or logos. Instead, there is a traditional dark-blue [curtain / curtains] hanging over the front door. The coffee shop's logo is printed [on / in] the curtain in black. Starbucks has reformed the house in the traditional style and has [creative / created] a Japanese garden for people to look at. The company also wants to be a good [neighbor / neighborly] . It has decided not to let people [from / form] lines in front of the shop as they wait to get in. It will also limit the number of [customers / customs] during peak hours. This is to avoid [disrupting / disruption] the quiet atmosphere in the area with crowds of customers.

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