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Scientists have discovered new things the atmosphere and environment Mars. They found a "toxic cocktail" chemicals that would easily kill any living organism. The chemicals have been found the surface the Red Planet. The scientists, from Edinburgh University in the UK, say the discovery of the chemicals means the chance finding life Mars has fallen. The scientists are astrobiologists – they study the atmosphere and environments the universe that might support life. The researchers said Mars had no Ozone layer, which means there are high levels ultra-violet (UV) radiation. The mix UV radiation and the chemicals sterilized the Martian landscape.

The scientists tested what happens when the chemicals found Mars mix UV radiation. They found it killed organisms very quickly. The chemicals alone were enough to kill living organisms. However, when the chemicals were mixed UV rays, the mix killed organisms 11 times faster. The scientists said: "Our observations show that the surface present-day Mars is highly [harmful] to cells, caused a toxic cocktail [chemicals] and UV radiation." They added that their research was further evidence that the surface Mars is deadly to any form plant life. They say the chemicals and UV rays make, "much the surface and near-surface regions uninhabitable".

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