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There is potentially good news for coffee [loves / lovers] . Drinking three or more cups of coffee a day may help people live [longer / lengthier] . This is according [of / to] a 16-year-long study from the International Agency for Research on Cancer and Imperial College London. Researchers looked at [health / healthy] data on over half a million people over the [aged / age] of 35 from 10 European countries. They [suggest / suggestive] that drinking more coffee is linked to a lower [risky / risk] of death, particularly from heart diseases. This study showed that people who had a [daily / day] minimum of three cups of coffee were 8-18% less [likely / liked] to die om health problems than non-coffee drinkers. Researchers said coffee drinkers had better [liven / liver] function and a stronger immune system.

Not all experts agree [on / with] the research findings. Health experts suggest that the health benefits [off / of] drinking coffee could be [caused / because] coffee drinkers may have more money and [therefore / however] live a healthier lifestyle. They also say that because drinking coffee can be a [socially / social] activity, coffee drinkers may socialize more and this may increase [wellbeing / being] and help us live longer. They say the research does not [proof / prove] that drinking coffee has [concrete / concreted] health benefits. Researchers also caution against drinking too much coffee. The upper level of safe caffeine [intake / outtake] is around 400 mg. More than this increases the risk of suffering from panic attacks, heart problems, and [insomnia / insomuch] .

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