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An airline worker in the USA has [broken / breaking] the world record for the world's longest-serving airline [mechanical / mechanic] . Azriel Blackman, 91, started work in 1942 at the [age / old] of 16. He has now been working for 75 years. His [starting / started] salary was 50 cents an hour. The nonagenarian still works five days a week. He [clicks / clocks] on before 5am at an American Airlines [hanger / hangar] at JFK International Airport in New York. His age means his employers [prevent / preventing] him from doing certain tasks for [safety / safe] reasons. He is not allowed to scale ladders, drive on the runways and surrounding areas, or use [certain / certainly] tools. He is responsible for assessing the maintenance [needy / needs] of the airplanes that have been parked in the hangars overnight.

Mr Blackman's record has [been / being] recognized for his dedication to his job. His employer [dedication / dedicated] a plane in his honor at a [ceremony / ceremonial] at JFK. His signature was painted in giant letters on the front of [one / once] the airline's Boeing 777 aircraft. Blackman said: "I'm just honored to be here. I'm [proudly / proud] to be a mechanic." The 91-year-old received a standing [ovation / oration] from his fellow colleagues and managers at the ceremony. Reporters asked him about the secret [back / behind] his record. He said: "When you like what you do, it's not work." When asked about [retirement / retire] , he said: "That's not up to [my / me] . That's up to the man upstairs. The first thing I do when I get up in the morning is I say 'thank you for [other / another] day'."

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