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A Singaporean graphic novelist has won three of the comic industry's [equivalent / equivalency] of the Oscars. Sonny Liew picked [on / up] three Eisner Awards for his comic book, "The Art of Charlie Chan Hock Chye". The book is a [satanic / satirical] rewrite of Singaporean history. Mr Liew [scoped / scooped] the top prize for Best Writer/Artist, Best US Edition of International Material, and Best Publication Design at the [awards / awarded] ceremony. The annual awards show was [hold / held] at the San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. Liew told reporters that he was [surprising / surprised] his book had done so well as he never [expectant / expected] he would get an international audience [for / of] it. He said: "I always wanted people to read the book and get a [sense / sensible] of how rich our history was."

Mr Liew's book [lines / outlines] the history of Singapore from its struggle for [independence / independent] from British colonial [rule / ruler] . As well as focusing [on / in] Singapore's founding father and first leader, the late Lee Kuan Yew, Liew also highlights the role played [at / by] lesser-known people. He said: "I think the so-called official narrative Singapore story is [partner / part] of our history, but it's not the whole story and I wanted to tell a more [inclusive / reclusive] version of our history. I hope that's what people [reader / reading] the book will get from it." Liew initially feared his book would be unsuccessful after Singapore's National Arts Council [withdrawn / withdrew] a grant for the book. However, this brought the book a lot [of / for] attention and boosted exposure and sales.

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