Gap Fill - Level 4


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   capacity      costs      current      decisive      disruption      guidance      military      military      modifications      no      not      people      personnel      policy      policy      readiness      should      transgender      tremendous      victory  
Donald Trump wants to ban transgender from serving in the USA . However, bosses at the Pentagon said there will be " modifications" to its of allowing transgender people to serve until it gets notification. The Pentagon said: "We will continue to treat all of our with respect." It added: "There will be no to the current until…the secretary has issued implementation ."

President Trump tweeted that: "The United States Government will accept or allow individuals to serve in any in the U.S. Military. Our must be focused on and overwhelming and cannot be burdened with the medical and that transgender in the military would entail." A Republican said: "Any American who meets medical and standards …continue serving."

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