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Mobile phone ban while crossing roads in Honolulu






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Honolulu will soon ban people from walking across the road while using mobile phones. The new law starts in October. It says no one can cross a street or road while looking at mobile phones, tablets and digital cameras. There is a $15-$35 fine. People who break the law for a second time will get a $99 fine. Honolulu's mayor said the law was because there were many injuries and deaths when pedestrians use mobile devices.

People who text while walking are called "phone zombies". The ban is so people know more about the dangers of texting while walking. The mayor said there were too many accidents in Honolulu. He added that if people had more common sense, he would not have to pass this law. Another lawmaker said we have a lot of technology today but we forget about staying safe. The new law is like one that bans texting while driving.

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