Gap Fill - Parking Restrictions - Level 4


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   aware      council      devices      fire      hands      illegal      lack      many      markings      narrow      neighborhood      no      no-parking      past      road      safer      safety      signs      traffic      vehicles  
A New Zealander has taken traffic into his own . Russell Taylor started painting yellow lines outside his house 20 years ago. He wanted to improve safety in his . Taylor painted the yellow lines after Wellington Council's of interest about road safety. He explained that he had seen accidents and on his street. He said his actions have made the road .

Wellington City Council said it knew about the road and that they would remove them. It pointed out that it was to install such "fake traffic ". It said: "We're …that the fire service had trouble getting to a house there in the year because of parked ." It also said it would meet people to discuss parking . The said Taylor would not be prosecuted for his road markings.

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