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The words
America's space agency NASA has an [excitement / exciting] new job opening to protect Earth from [aliens / alien] . The position is for a Planetary Protection Officer (PPO). The successful applicant will be responsible for [making / make] sure no life forms from outer space [comes / come] to Earth. The PPO makes sure astronauts and space [equipped / equipment] do not come back from space with any alien bacteria. The position was posted on the usajobs.gov website. [According / Accord] to the post, the new PPO will get a [yearly / year] salary of up to $187,000. The job [contract / contact] is for three years, but could be extended for an [additionally / additional] two years. It is one of the most unique job positions in the world. NASA only employs two PPOs. The job is only open to U.S. citizens and U.S. [national / nationals] .

People who want to [applicant / apply] for the job must be well qualified. Candidates must have "[broad / brand] engineering expertise" and have a degree [on / in] physical science, engineering or mathematics. The candidate must also [show / showing] they have experience in "planning, executing, or overseeing [elements / element] of space programs of national significance". A final requirement is that the candidate [have / has] "skills in diplomacy that resulted in win-win solutions [during / while] extremely difficult and complex multilateral discussions". The new PPO will be [responsibility / responsible] for planning several future NASA missions. One of [them / these] will be a trip to one to Jupiter’s icy moons, Europa. The mission will search for signs of alien [life / live] on the moon.

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