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The words
New research suggests that [lonely / loneliness] and social isolation may increase the risk of [dying / die] early by 50 per cent. The research is from Brigham Young University in the USA. Researchers tried to find out how loneliness affected the [risky / risk] of early death. They said loneliness can occur even if people are [surrounded / surrounding] by family and friends. Researchers also looked at the [dangerous / dangers] to health of social isolation. This is when people have [small / little] or no contact with others. The research showed that that the risk of [premature / mature] death was 50 per cent lower for adults who [mixture / mixed] with friends and family. Researchers found that loneliness, [social / socially] isolation, and living alone were all [association / associated] with an increased risk of early death.

The researchers [added / addition] that loneliness, social isolation, and living [alone / lone] could be more dangerous than [obese / obesity] . Professor Julianne Holt-Lunstad said the results [of / off] her research are worrying because the population is aging. She said: "Many nations around the world now suggest we are [faced / facing] a 'loneliness epidemic'. The challenge we face now is what can be [doing / done] about it." She suggested that one way to help with this problem is to [teach / teaching] social skills to children in schools. She also said [doctors / doctor] should talk more about loneliness to their patients. In addition, she said people should [preparation / prepare] for their old age social life like they take [out / in] pensions to prepare for their financial future.

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