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Nano-chips may heal organs with one touch






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There is another example of medical science fiction coming true. Scientists have revealed a "breakthrough" that successfully repaired cells and organs in mice and pigs. Researchers in the USA developed a device a centimeter wide that is full of nanochips. The device is a pad that is put on the skin. It starts the process of repairing damaged organs and healing wounds. The nanochips "reprogramme" damaged cells to restore them to a functioning state. A researcher said: "With this technology, we can convert skin cells into elements of any organ with just one touch."

The technology is called tissue nano-transfection (TNT). It is non-invasive, which means doctors do not have to cut the body. The pad of nanochips is put over a damaged area of the body. A small electric current then injects DNA into the skin in less than a second. This changes the cells into building blocks that regenerate nearby damaged tissue, such as skin, arteries, or organs like the liver and heart. It could replace the need for reconstructive surgery. It could also revitalize aging organs. It could even help repair the brain. Testing will begin on humans next year.

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Body Repairs - Level 4  |  Body Repairs - Level 6

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