Speed Reading — Body Repairs - Level 4 — 200 wpm

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Medical science fiction is coming true. A scientific "breakthrough" has successfully repaired cells and organs in mice. Researchers developed a tiny device that is full of nanochips. The device is put on the skin and starts repairing organs and healing wounds. The nanochips "reprogramme" damaged cells to restore them to a functioning state. A researcher said the device can, "convert skin cells into elements of any organ with just one touch".

The technology is called tissue nano-transfection (TNT). Doctors do not have to cut the body. The device is put over a damaged area of the body. It injects DNA into the skin. This changes the cells into building blocks, which repair damaged tissue, such as skin, arteries, and organs like the heart or even the brain. It could replace reconstructive surgery. It could also repair aging organs. Testing will begin on humans next year.

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