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The words
U.S. President Donald Trump has [giving / given] North Korea another warning over its plans to [fire / firing] its weapons. The war of words between Mr Trump and North Korea's president Kim Jong-un is [escalating / elevating] . Countries in the [regional / region] and around the world are worried that the war of words could become a [real / reality] war. Tensions increased greatly earlier this week when North Korea [announced / announcement] it had nuclear warheads small enough to fit [outside / inside] its missiles. President Trump then warned: "North Korea best not make any more [threatens / threats] to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never [seen / seeing] ." North Korea responded by announcing it would fire four missiles off the [coastal / coast] of the US territory of Guam.

North Korea said President Trump's words were "nonsense". [Regarding / Regardless] , Mr Trump issued another [warming / warning] to the North Koreans yesterday. He said his "fire and fury" [state / statement] "wasn't tough enough" and [what / that] North Korea should "be very, very [nervous / nervously] ". He also said China could do "a whole [lots / lot] more" to reduce tensions. The Arms Control Association in Washington DC said Mr Trump should stop his [verb / verbal] attacks on North Korea to avoid a military conflict on the Korean [Peninsula / Peninsula] . It said: "Recent talk from Trump is a [dangerous / danger] and ineffective strategy to halt North Korea's nuclear development and could trigger a [militia / military] conflict that would not be in the U.S. interest."

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