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The words
The search engine Google will soon start a [service / servicing] that lets people check their mental [health / healthy] online. People searching for "depression" on Google's search page will get a [linked / link] to a questionnaire along with their search [result / resulted] . The questionnaire will check to see if you could be [suffer / suffering] from depression. There are nine questions on the self-assessment. Google has [partnered / partner] with America's National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) on the project. A NAMI spokesperson said Google users can [taking / take] the private questionnaire to help them find out how [depressed / depression] they are. He said this could help people decide if they [necessary / need] to see a doctor. The questionnaire will initially only be [available / availability] for Internet users in the USA.

Google's blog said the [questioned / questionnaire] could help people get treatment for [depression / depressive] more quickly. It said: "Statistics show that [them / those] who have symptoms of depression experience [an / a] average of a six- to eight-year delay in getting treatment after the [onset / offset] of symptoms. We believe that awareness of depression can help empower and [education / educate] you, enabling quicker access to treatment." However, Dr Aaron Balick, an expert on how websites can help people, said Google's questionnaire was the [similar / same] as reading any online information about depression. He told the BBC: "A better approach would be…[offering / offer] people resources and a [direct / direction] line - perhaps a chat box - to [local / rival] psychological services."

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