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The words
Archaeologists in Egypt have [found / finding] a tomb that has three mummies inside it. The ancient tomb is [past / over] 3,500 years old. It contains the mummified [bodily / bodies] of a woman and her two sons. Archaeologists say the tomb [belonging / belonged] to a royal goldsmith called Amenemhat and that the woman may [be / been] his wife. There was a [statute / statue] of the goldsmith, sitting beside the woman. The tomb was found [nearly / near] the city of Luxor on the River Nile. Luxor is about 700km [south / southern] of Egypt's capital city Cairo. Archaeologists say the woman was about 50 years old when she died. Tests show that she died because she had a [boney / bone] disease. Her two sons were in their 20s and 30s. All three bodies were in very good [condition / conditioned] .

The site that contains Amenemhat's tomb [consisting / consists] of a courtyard and two burial [shafts / shifts] . It was [discovered / discovery] by an Egyptian archaeological team from Luxor Antiquities. The latest discovery came after six years of [dig / digging] on the site. Dr Yousef Khalifa, Egypt's former head of antiquities, told Arab News: "Luxor [lonely / alone] has one-third [for / of] the world's ancient monuments and [visitor / visitors] will enjoy exploring the newly found ancient Egyptian relics." Dr Khalifa [hopes / hoping] the new discoveries will help Egypt's tourism industry. He said many tourists will come to see the new mummies. Current [head / top] of antiquities, Dr Khaled al-Anani, hopes archaeologists will find [more / most] mummies in the area.

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