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A new hotel in Taiwan has opened to [crater / cater] to the needs of gamers. Those who want to [indulge / bulge] in their favourite games while on business or vacation can now do so at the iHotel, [near / nearly] Taiwan's capital Taipei. Rooms at the hotel are fully [equipment / equipped] with two state-of-the-art gaming computers with 32-inch screens, [push / plush] DXRacer gaming chairs, and ambient lighting to create the [perfect / prefect] mood for getting behind the joystick. The gaming computers are side-by-side to [insure / ensure] gaming with your partner has a more competitive [hedge / edge] . The rooms are also furnished with a 46-inch TV for guests to chill out after a [hard / hardly] session gaming. And if that's not enough, the hotel's lobby [features / futures] a large gaming arena for larger groups.

Putting gaming consoles in hotel rooms may lead to [positively / positive] benefits besides relaxing and [gotten / getting] away from it all. One study analysed [data / beta] from over 12,000 high school students in Australia. Researchers found that students who played online games [almost / most] every day scored 15 points above average [on / in] maths and reading tests and 17 points [higher / above] average in science. A Columbia University study [indicated / indication] that gaming by 6-to-11-year-olds greatly increased their chance of "high intellectual functioning and overall school [competence / competent] ". However, critics of gaming warn of the harmful [effects / affects] of gaming because of depictions of violence, sexual themes, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and [profane / profanity] .

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