Speed Reading — Botanic Gardens - Level 2 — 100 wpm 

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Many plants are in danger of dying out. A scientist said one in five of the world's plants is in danger. Botanic gardens contain about 100,000 species, including many endangered plants. They help to protect endangered and rare plants. The scientist said: "We have [looked] at the wide range of plants grown, managed and conserved in botanic gardens….We know what we have and, perhaps more importantly, what is missing from botanic gardens."

A researcher said botanic gardens were the best hope for saving endangered plants. He said there was no reason why one-fifth of plants is under threat. If we do not protect plants, we could have trouble finding food in the future. We will also have problems solving problems like climate change. Many plants are in danger because humans cut down forests for farms and cities. Plants are also in danger from climate change.

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