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The words
A new law in Austria means there is [now / know] a ban on full-face veils. This means Muslim women will not be allowed to wear a full-face veil [on / in] public in the country. The new law says faces must be [visibly / visible] from the hairline [to / up] the chin. The government said the law is to protect [traditional / traditionally] Austrian values. The law bans Muslim veils such [was / as] the burka or niqab. Muslim groups have said the law is very [unfairly / unfair] because it goes against human rights and religious freedom. They say that just a [tinny / tiny] minority of Austrian Muslims wears full-face veils. They put the [number / numbered] at around 150. Officials say the law will damage Austria's economy. They say many Muslim tourists will [decision / decide] not to visit Austria.

Austria is the third European country [for / to] ban the wearing of the veil. France and Belgium introduced similar bans [at / in] 2011. Other countries in Europe could [follow / following] . The Dutch government is [currently / currency] working on passing a ban and German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that the full-face veil should [being / be] banned in Germany "wherever it is legally [possible / possibly] ". Carla Amina Bhagajati of the Islamic Religious Community in Austria talked about [what / how] unfair the new law is. She said the "handful" of [filling / fully] veiled women in Austria are now "criminalized" and "restricted to [their / them] homes". A supporter of the ban Emma Schwaiger said: "It's not right that those living here don't [show / showing] their faces."

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