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   address      crackdown      crisis      declaration      democratic      general      illegal      mayor      organizers      own      parts      regions      resignation      roads      sides      solution      standstill      unity      violence      vote  
A strike in Spain's region of Catalonia on Tuesday brought large of Barcelona and other cities to a . Thousands of Catalans rallied and blocked to protest over Spanish police during Sunday's independence referendum. Nearly 900 people were injured at the weekend in a against voters and referendum staff. The Spanish government declared that the referendum was and ordered the police to break it up. Spain's King Felipe VI has condemned the of the referendum. In a televised to the nation, he said they had put themselves "outside the law". He said the situation in Catalonia was "extremely serious" and called for national .

The of Barcelona told reporters that the Catalan people deserved to have a on independence. She said: "What we need is a response. And we need a political . And we need an inclusive solution that listens to the cries of millions of people." She also called for the of Spain's prime minister. More unrest could be on the cards. Any of independence by the Catalans could plunge Spain into a further constitutional and risk the break-up of the country. Other could follow Catalonia's example and have their referendum. Spain's president has called on the international community to help mediate between the two .

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