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The Nobel Prize in chemistry went to three scientists. They will share the $1,090,000 prize. They found a special way of photographing molecules. Molecules are the smallest building blocks in our body and in everything around us. The scientists made a technique called cryo-EM. It can zoom in to amazing new levels. Scientists can now see things in our bodies never seen before. They can see how molecules move.

The Nobel committee said cryo-EM will change science forever and move science into a new era. It added: "Soon, there will be no more secrets. Now we can see the…details of [molecules] in every corner of our cells and every drop of our body fluids. We can understand how…they act and how they work together….We are facing a revolution." A professor said there were many uses for cryo-EM. Scientists can look at viruses and find cures for many diseases.

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